-- Testimonials --

Shoun Trucking is a great company to deal with.  Rates are competitive, dispatch is easy to communicate with and the drivers have all been very professional.  We are proud to say that we do business with Shoun

Kennetha Sproles

In-side Sales Coordinator



I have worked with Shoun for 20+ years. They are reliable and always get the job done. If you have Logistic questions Steve and Mike are always there to help you out.  

Linda Tipton

Foam Products

It is a pleasure to provide this personal reference in behalf of and for Shoun Trucking Company.  As the Director of Transportation, for AO Smith, Inc., I have used Shoun on a continual basis for almost 9 years.  During this period of time, I can report that Shoun has been found to be a loyal, honest, high level of service carrier.  On numerous occasions Shoun has offered to go above and beyond what is normally expected of a partner carrier.  “When confronted with capacity issues, Shoun stepped up to the plate and delivered a game winning hit”.  When Shoun makes a commitment it is not given lightly and they follow through with the commitment even at their peril.  I have no hesitancy in recommending their service and do so freely.


Michael James

Director, Transportation

AO Smith, Inc


Jacquelyn brought to my attention the extra effort you put forth to handle this rush/emergency order from our customer GoRight.  I know it’s difficult to make changes like this when you have everything already scheduled, but you understood the importance to Eastman and GoRight and went the extra mile to meet the need.  This is the kind of partnership we are looking for and unfortunately, not everyone is willing to be such a strong partner.  I don’t take your willingness to help for granted and I thank you for it.  Please keep up the good work!

Alan Ragsdale

Truck Operations Manager

Eastman Chemical Company